King's Cross

Series is based on the book by Timothy Keller.

The Sword SERIES The Sword

Sermon 4-13-14 // Pastor Brian

In Mark 14:43-52, Jesus is betrayed by…

The Cup SERIES The Cup

Sermon 4-6-14 // Pastor Bill

"The Cup." When Jesus faced his cup of suffering…

The Feast SERIES The Feast

Sermon 3-30-14 // Pastor Dustin

Why is this night any different from another?


The Temple SERIES The Temple

Sermon 3-23-14 // Pastor Corby

On the surface, Jesus's anger in Mark 11,…

The Ransom SERIES The Ransom

Sermon 3-16-14 // Pastor Dustin

· God can’t shrug off evil – and…

The Trap SERIES The Trap

Sermon 3-9-14 // Pastor Brian

The rich young ruler, despite all of the…

The Mountain SERIES The Mountain

Sermon 3-2-14 // Pastor Dustin

· As I find myself wrestling with…

Confession and Confusion SERIES Confession and Confusion

Sermon 2-23-14 // Pastor Greg

Greg's Last Sunday
(this video is the entire…

The Approach SERIES The Approach

Sermon 2-16-14 // Pastor Greg

The Issue of the Heart SERIES The Issue of the Heart

Sermon 2-9-14 // Pastor Greg

Waiting SERIES Waiting

Sermon 2-2-14
Pastor Greg Funk

Unmanageable Power SERIES Unmanageable Power

Sermon 1-26-14
Pastor Greg Funk

Deep Rest SERIES Deep Rest

Sermon 1-19-14
Pastor Greg Funk

Deep Healing SERIES Deep Healing

Sermon 1-12-14
Pastor Greg Funk

The King's Call SERIES The King's Call

Sermon 1-5-14
Pastor Greg Funk

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