ACTS: First Eight

4/27/14 - 7/13/14

Join us in a dynamic study of Acts over the next two months. Uncover the lives

of early Christians—those who gathered together, laying down resources and

preferences, in order to overcome persecution and cultural divisions, all for the

sake of Christ. You will be encouraged through stories of faithful followers who

were committed to laying down their lives for the gospel so that others may live.

During this series, the pastoral staff at MBIC, as well guest speakers, will lead

our congregation through the first eight chapters of Acts.

Scattered SERIES Scattered

Sermon 7-13-14 // Pastor Corby

Philip followed the call to go into the…

Eutychus: Bored to Death SERIES Eutychus: Bored to Death

Sermon 7-6-14 // Pastor Dustin

Acts 20: Maybe Eutychus is actually a…

Pushed to Reach Out SERIES Pushed to Reach Out

Sermon 6-29-14 // Pastor Bill

Stephen SERIES Stephen

Sermon 6-22-14 // Pastor Corby


Sermon 6-15-14 // Pastor Dustin

Evangelism SERIES Evangelism

Sermon 6-8-14 // Bob Lenz

Courage SERIES Courage

Sermon 6-1-14 // Pastor Brian

Gathered and Scattered SERIES Gathered and Scattered

Sermon 5-25-14 // Pastor Bill


Sermon 5-18-14 // Pastor Dustin

Adoption SERIES Adoption

Sermon 5-11-14 // Pastor Dave

Worship SERIES Worship

Sermon 5-4-14 // Dan Wilt

Acts One SERIES Acts One

Sermon 4-27-14 // Pastor Dustin and Pastor Brian

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