Hunger and Thirst

I've been alone with God on a mountain peak in Colorado, I've recited liturgy bathed in light from a stained glass church window, and I've jumped up and down to worship songs in Swahili, while studying abroad in Kenya. There is so many ways we connect with our heavenly father throughout various environments, people groups, and traditions. Join us on our summer series, called Hunger & Thirst, as we worship and experience God together. Maybe, in a way you hadn't thought of before. - Pastor Dustin

Life at MBIC Update SERIES Life at MBIC Update

Sermon 9-28-14 // Pastor Dustin & Pastor Brian

Traditionalist SERIES Traditionalist

Sermon 9-21-14 // Pastor Bill

Ascetic SERIES Ascetic

Sermon 9-14-14 // Pastor Brian

Activist SERIES Activist

Sermon 9-7-14 // Rachel Sensenig

Sensate SERIES Sensate

Sermon 8-24-14 // Pastor Dustin

Do we experience God through our feelings?

Caregiver SERIES Caregiver

Sermon 8-17-14 // Pastor Bill

Contemplative SERIES Contemplative

Sermon 8-10-14 // Pastor Brian

Intellectual SERIES Intellectual

Sermon 8-3-14 // Thomas and Theresa Grosh

Naturalist SERIES Naturalist

Sermon 7-27-14 // Pastor Dustin

Enthusiast SERIES Enthusiast

Sermon 7-20-14 // Pastor Dustin

Enthusiast – Loving God with Mystery &…

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