Blessing Innocent Children

Blessing Innocent Children


To unite each precious child of God with the family
that God has chosen to love and care for them.

Blessing Innocent Children’s (BIC) Mission

Our ministry focuses on supporting families before, during and after the adoption process and to minimize financial obstacles that separate God’s children from their forever families through:

Fellowship Meetings

Touched by adoption? Interested in becoming a part of this ministry? Come join us for a time of sharing fellowship and updates as families connect around adoption. Join families who have already adopted, who are in the process of adopting, and others who are simply curious about adoption.

Mentor Relationships

Considering adoption can be a daunting task. Choosing an agency, completing the paperwork, and negotiating the emotional ups and downs of the process can be challenging, but you do not have to go through it alone! Being paired up and developing relationship with a mentor family can be life-giving.

Financial Support

The BIC Adoption Ministry assists families within our church, by minimizing the financial obstacles that separate God’s children from their forever families. The BIC Adoption Grant Program and the BIC Adoption Low-Interest Loan Program are available for families who meet certain criteria.


You can support this ministry by covering it with prayer. Pray for the children and the families involved.

  • Provide childcare for our fellowship group, or for individual families, as needed.
  • Assist with paperwork and/or notary services.
  • Provide meals to families, once their children arrive home.
  • Help with tasks on the ‘home front’, such as lawn care, pet care, and house sitting while families are traveling to meet their children.
  • Help to plan and assist with fund-raising events
Financial Support

Due to medical, childcare, legal, translation, travel, and other necessary fees, the average adoption costs between $20,000 and $40,000. Many times, families who are willing and able to commit to raising a child, struggle to overcome the initial financial barriers presented by adoption. Consider helping to minimize the financial obstacles that separate children from their families and invest in the lives of children by contributing to the BIC Adoption Grant Program or the BIC Adoption Low Interest Loan Program.

Hope for Orphans

“Hope for Orphans is an educating and exhorting ministry [not an adoption agency]dedicated to supporting and helping the fatherless and connecting those children with loving, Bible-believing families.” You will find helpful information and resources as you explore this web site.

Shaohannah’s Hope

“We [Shaohannah’s Hope] are dedicated to helping prospective adoptive parents overcome the financial barriers associated with adoption. We accomplish this by awarding financial grants to qualified families already in the process of adopting. The size of the grant awarded is determined by several factors, the most important being need.

Reece’s Rainbow

Reece’s Rainbow was started in 2004 as an outreach program serving new families with babies with Down syndrome at Northside Hospital in Atlanta, GA. In 2006, the program expanded to include promoting the international adoption of children with Down syndrome. By raising money to offer adoption grants on waiting children, we are able to give adoptive families the extra financial help they need to bring a child with Down syndrome home from a miserable existence in overseas orphanages. From these humble beginnings, Reece’s Rainbow has been powered by the grace of God and thousands of passionate advocates. In only 4 1/2 years, we have found adoptive families for more than 350+ orphaned children with Down syndrome and other special needs around the world. More than $700,000 in grant funds have been disbursed to make those adoptions possible. I can say with great confidence that if we had a full grant for every child on our website, there would BE no children on our website. There are hundreds of families in the US and Canada who would give their left arm to bring one or more of these children home.

This Little Light Project

A blog that raises awareness for orphan care and adoption and includes resources for orphans and adoption.

Both Hands Foundation

Our mission is to bring comfort to widows in the form of home repairs and landscaping while partnering with other non-profit organizations to bring aid to orphans. There are 150 million orphans in the world and while we can’t change the world, we can make a world of difference to some. One of the main reasons people don’t proceed with the adoption process is because of the huge price tag, often times between $15,000-$30,000. Our vision is that there will be Both Hands projects happening every weekend, in every state in this country.

Life Song for Orphans

We seek to mobilize the church, His body, where each member can provide a unique and special service: some to adopt, some to care, some to give. Our children will have: No want for food, clothing, medical care, or shelter, Fundamental Christian training, and discipleship, A quality education to provide a foundation for the future and Continued love and support as they transition into adult living.