Connect Groups

Connect Groups

Connect Groups 2019/2020

Do you enjoy good fellowship? Do you like to gather around the Word of God or just for some fun activities? Join one of our Connect Groups! Here at MBIC we connect in a variety of formats:

Home Group – Fellowship around the Word of God!
A Home Group is a place where you spend up to 2 hours in weekly/biweekly fellowship around God’s Word. Bible Study material is provided to make your study profound and enjoyable. First meeting ideally starts in October 2019 and lasts the time of the material (6-8 lessons).

Interest Group – Fellowship around a Common Interest!
An Interest Group gets together simply to enjoy a hobby, common interest or just for some nice fellowship. Hours and times of meeting are as flexible as you make it. First meeting can start as early as October 2019, but you determine the start date and the number of meetings.

Sunday Small Group – Fellowship and Bible Study on a Sunday Morning!
A Sunday Group meets on a Sunday Morning during regular service hours for fellowship and Bible study in one of the Faith Formation rooms at church. First meetings will be launched in Fall, Winter & Spring, Setup will be similar to the Home Groups. Learn more >