Manheim Brethren in Christ
Church Established.

May 22, 1910

First Manheim BIC Worship
Service was held.


Brethren in Christ
Congregations in the U.S.

MBIC has always been a church concerned with connecting people with Jesus and one another. In 1908 a small group of people had a vision, a calling, to plant a church in the town of Manheim, Pennsylvania. The spark ignited and the congregation soon outgrew their small building in town. In 1977, the leaders of the church took a bold step of faith and decided to purchase land to build a church that would allow their growing body to expand beyond the boundaries of their small property in town. That vision became a reality at 54 North Penryn Road where our current facilities stand.

MBIC has continued to reach into the community and the current church building has been utilized in many ways. In 1998 the decision was made to add a separate multipurpose facility to help meet the needs of the rapidly growing youth programs at MBIC. As our church family continued to expand, the addition of several church services was necessary to accommodate our increasing numbers. In 2004 we had another challenge; our attendance continued to increase and we felt the need to provide even more space for our worship services. It was decided at that time to use the multipurpose facility as our primary worship space. During the following years up to today, MBIC continues to use its expanded facilities recently completing an addition to the Activity Center, doubling our space for our children’s ministry and ending with our main worship space—the Assembly. All of this to continue our primary purpose “to initiate and nurture a growing relationship with Christ.”