How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?


The abundant life available to us in Jesus frees us to love our community well. In a way far beyond our own ability and our own capacity. We know that God is inviting us to boldly embody the life-giving message of Christ. God is calling us to BE the church to our community: To live for His glory. To love and serve sacrificially as Jesus did. To pour ourselves into relationships within our neighborhoods.

Blessing Manheim Fund

We are responding to the critical needs of our community through our Blessing Manheim Fund. This fund helps with medical bills, utility bills, car repairs, gas, counseling, food, housing & more.

Manheim Central Food Pantry

The Manheim Central Food Pantry is in critical need of non-perishables as they continue to serve a growing list of households in the Manheim area.

Make Masks

Many hospitals and organizations are accepting donations for hand-made fabric masks to help meet the growing demand for masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Don’t sew? Maybe collect fabric to donate to someone who does.

Donate Blood

In order to help serve the community, Lancaster General Health is asking for blood donations. It is important that medical facilities maintain an adequate supply of blood at all times, and during a pandemic, it is even more essential.

Neighbor Check-in

Check-in with your neighbors, especially those who are elderly, single parents or high risk. Offer prayer, support and encouragement. If you are able, let them know when you are running errands and offer to pick up medication, food, or other supplies. Offer tech support for those trying to use technology to connect with their family and friends. Don’t be afraid to get on the phone!

Encourage Frontline Workers

Reach out to the employees in the medical field or other essential workers on the frontlines. Consider sending care packages and notes to thank them and let them know you’re praying for them. With childcare and schools closed, consider offering pop up child care for children of first responders.

Local Social Groups + Nextdoor

Local groups are a great way to connect with your neighbors right now. Join a group, introduce yourself, make an offer of help or respond to needs already posted!

Donate Pet Food

You can support the efforts of local organizations to assist the pet community in need during this time.

Spread Kindness

  • Leave positive messages in sidewalk chalk or messages in your window.
  • Go for a walk (bring your dog!) and spend time in prayer for your neighbors.
  • Have your kids paint rocks with kind words to hide around the neighborhood.
  • Make cards or crafts as a family or put together activity bags to encourage home-bound people or nursing home residents.