what’s NEXT

what’s NEXT

After seeing our Elementary age classrooms consistently full and overflowing on Sundays and on Wednesdays, we have commissioned a team to study and propose facility modifications and/or expansion plans to address our current space deficit in our Children’s Ministries.
– MBIC Leadership Board


Check back periodically to keep updated with our progress.

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what’s NEXT?

On November 12, 2017, Pastor Brian and Pastor Dustin shared with us the exciting growth in our Children’s Ministry at Manheim BIC Church and the possible solution of expanded space. 

A facility assessment team was commissioned in early 2017 to review current ministry growth and facility usage.  Following several months of meetings this group presented the following goals for future facility modification and/or expansion:


  1. To see all children’s programming in secured (lock-down) space.
  2. Expand the current Nursery space.
  3. Provide a large Group space for children’s worship and games.
  4. Provide our Children’s Ministries with Five Large Elementary Classrooms (K, 1, 2, 3, 4)
  5.  Improve hallway congestion.
  6.  Continue to provide our Weekday Preschool with Eight Preschool Classrooms & 3 large activity rooms.
  7. Expand the number of handicap parking spaces while improving facility handicap accessibility.
  8. Provide additional Faith Formation Adult meeting room(s).

What’s Next?

A Facility Expansion Team has begun meeting to work on details surrounding what we could do next with our facility to address the above stated goals.  This group hopes to present findings to the congregation in the opening months of 2018.