Please contact the Facility Director about current rental restrictions.

We are happy to be able to share our space here at MBIC with our church family and with our community.

If you would like more information about our facility or about availability, please fill out the Facilities Request Form below. Our Facility Director will review your request and be in contact within 1 week.

Facility Use Guidelines

  1. Facility use must be in harmony with the church’s faith and practice.
  2. Use of the facility is contingent on Manheim BIC Leadership approval.
  3. Facilities rental use will be between the hours of 7am and 10pm.
  4. Qualifying events (ie weddings, sport events, etc) will be requested to provide proof of liability insurance before use of the facility.
  5. Unless otherwise agreed upon, set-up is the responsibility of the group or persons using the facilities.
  6. Rental parties are requested to return rooms rented to its original set up.
  7. No alcohol may be served on church ground.
  8. No games of chance, gambling, bingo, raffles or similar activities are permitted.
  9. No smoking, smokeless tobacco, or vaping is allowed in church facility.
  10. Groups are restricted to use only areas/rooms of the facility that was agreed upon with the Facility Director.
  11. Abusive, violent or inappropriate language or behavior may result in a persons or party being asked to leave the premise.
  12. Payment is requested to be submitted within 30 days of the event date.