Celebration Sunday

Celebration Sunday

Worship through giving.

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Discussion Prompts

For us, it’s Celebration Sunday. In a pandemic and many uncertainties, it might seem strange to call it this. But we really do have a celebration going on. It’s not just the celebration of the 7 people that committed to living their lives with Christ, and are getting baptized. It is also not just the celebration of pastor Bryce Taylor being installed as our new lead pastor.

We actually celebrate God’s presence in the journey. In the journey of these 7 people. In the journey of Pastor Bryce. And in the journey of Manheim BIC church.

In the sermon, we got a small glimpse of how God was leading the Israelites. He sent them on a detour through the desert, specifically to help them. HE knew that they needed to learn a few things yet. It was no accident that they had to go through this desert experience. God knew that they couldn’t handle this newfound freedom. He needed to make them dependent on HIM, the life-giver.

Life is a journey. And life with God is a transformative journey.

Now, there are a few questions pastor Bryce left us with as he closed the sermon:

  1. What would you call your journey and what are the next steps for you in this journey with God?
  2. What have you done, or are you doing right now, that would let people know that you are on a journey with God?
  3. And. have you told someone recently where your hope and joy for your journey comes from?

Answer these questions. And if necessary, act upon these answers. Let the world know that the journey with God, pandemic or not, political chaos or not, high anxiety level or not, that journey with God is going to turn out well because God has the bigger picture in mind.

Blessings to you today, as you go and celebrate your journey with God!



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