Childcare (ages 3 and under)

Childcare (ages 3 and under)

Hey Parents!

We’re excited to announce that we are providing childcare for ages 3 and under starting this Sunday, July 12! We have been working hard to create a safe and welcoming experience for your children. Please read through the below Frequently Asked Questions to get a better idea of what to expect and our safety procedures. If you have any other questions or need more information, please feel free to contact our Children’s Ministry.

To ensure the safety of the other families and our dedicated volunteers, we ask that you self monitor your children’s health. If there is any question about bringing them, please just stay home!

We also ask for your patience and awareness of your child’s potential for separation anxiety or fear of the unknown while dropping them off at childcare. Please assist the teachers in making this a smooth drop off experience.

When will Sunday Childcare begin?  Sunday, July 12.

What ages will have childcare provided?  At this time; Nursery, Step-up, 2-year-olds, and 3-year-olds.

How will volunteer health be monitored?  We have asked all volunteers to be extra vigilant about their health and to stay home in case of any doubt.  All volunteers will be checked in and have their temperatures taken before being released to serve.

What will Kid Check-in look like? Please plan to come to the South Lobby. We are attempting to create a touchless system, so to prepare for Sunday we ask that you please download our NEW ChurchCenter app! The app makes it super simple and convenient to check-in your whole household right on your device. A QR code will be generated within the app that you can scan in the South Lobby to print your children’s labels.


We will also have some volunteer manned stations for check-in as another option or to help you if you’re having any issues.

Will masks be required?  Volunteers will be required to wear masks. Masks will not be required for children. 

What sanitation measures will be taken?  The rooms will be cleaned before services.  All toys used during a service will be placed in a “dirty” bin to be cleaned/disinfected after each service.  Any toys that cannot be easily cleaned will be removed from the rooms/or put away.

What will the room capacity be?  The rooms will be limited to 2 volunteers and 12 children per service. Once a room reaches capacity we will open an overflow room depending on availability of volunteers.

Snacks? At this time we will not be serving snacks to children

When will Sunday School for Elementary age be offered? We do not have a date set but are working towards providing care for all ages. More info will be provided in the coming weeks.