Good News Old News

Good News Old News

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Discussion Prompts

For a couple of weeks now we have looked at Jesus’s story. Not just Jesus’ story, but also how his story is ultimately intertwined with the story of some pretty ordinary people.

  • His mother, Mary, had an anticipation and willingness to be God’s vessel to bring the promised savior into this world. A vessel of SALVATION.
  • His cousin, known as John the Baptist, focused on telling the jewish world of the coming of the long awaited Messiah. A messenger of HOPE.
  • His earthly dad, Joseph, was willing to take Jesus out of harms way, until Jesus himself was ready to start is life saving ministry. A protector and caregiver to a SAVIOR.

Now it is our turn. If HIS story is my story, then my story should tell his story. The question is, how does his story display itself in my story? One way of doing it is through sharing the truth of HIS story in your life. In order to write your story with him, answer these three questions:

  1. What was your life like before you grasped the significance of Jesus’ story?
  2. What was it, that stuck you as amazing about HIS story?
  3. What impact has HIS story made since, now that your story and HIS story are intertwined?

Answer these questions and you will have a story to tell!

Oh, and there is also the effects that HIS Story can have on people. You see, one will never be the same after encountering Jesus. There are some things that will just change to the better.

  • What character trades are people around you noticing that are the direct result of you knowing Christ personally?
  • How do people see that you are redeemed from sin and shame?
  • What are people hearing when you talk about topics like hope, joy and peace?
  • And, how can people see that your life is anchored in HIS story?

If your life is connected with His life, people will be attracted to seeking the same.

As you go into these last couple days of this year, and then into the next year, maybe some of your New Years resolutions can provide a platform to let HIS story shine even brighter through your story.

Blessings to you and have a good start into the New Year.


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