The Call to Neighbor

The Call to Neighbor

Worship through giving.

Will you partner with us as we respond to the critical needs of our community as we face the coming weeks together?

For Discussion

It is said, that in order to love someone you have to actually get to know that person. Young adults know that. That’s why there is a time of courtship. No one would jump into a marriage without getting to know the other person at least a little. 

Our new sermon series challenges us to practice the Art of Neighboring. And Pastor Bryce challenged us to practice neighboring right in front of our doorstep. Don’t take this command “Love your neighbor!” metaphorically and only love the person in need, like in the parable. We are called to love our actual neighbors, right, left, front, back, and diagonal. 
Combine these two thoughts and you will have your task for this week: Get to know your neighbor
  • Get the card out that came in the mail last week and start with writing down your neighbors’ names in the squares of the card. If you need a bigger paper with bigger squares, here is a letter-size card. Try to list out the first names of the adults and children of the 8 closest houses or apartment units next to you. Pay attention to the blank spaces.
Most people naturally feel a little guilty when they realize how little they know about their neighbors. Allow that feeling. Allow God to work in your heart. This is good. Now do the following: 
  • Identify one neighbor that you are going to pray for. Take time to pray for that neighbor every day of this coming week. Maybe even go to him or her, and ask if there is something specific you can pray for. Ask your kids, if you have some in your home, to pray for one of the neighbor’s kids.
God wants us to love our neighbors. and that starts with getting to know them. May God bless you as you get to know your neighbors and may you be a blessing to them. 

Happy neighboring,




    Joyce Wagner

    The outstanding thought to me this week was “Slow up and grow up!” What a challenge! We have lived here way too long to “not know our neighbors, so we’ve purposed to begin the challenge of getting to know their names and how we can serve them with God’s love.
    God bless you for challenging us in such practical ways. It’s way passed time to SLOW UP and GROW UP! We can get so busy that we don’t really love our neighbors as we should. This has been a great wake-up call!!!

      Bill Melone

      Thanks for this comment, Joyce. Yeah, it’s a great wake-up call!

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