The Covenant

The Covenant

Worship through giving.

Will you partner with us as we respond to the critical needs of our community as we face this season together?

Discussion Prompts

What does a face-to-face encounter with God do to you? I am not sure what it does to you, but for Moses, it was quite something. All these encounters with God, especially the one where he was on that mountain, receiving the stone tablets, personally. That must have been so special! Moses was not the same after these encounters. He really experienced life change.

What do the face-to-face encounters with God look like for you? Are they filled with fond memories? Share with your group or with a friend how your encounters with God are.

Pastor Bryce told us that he sits on the floor, with his cup of coffee and his Bible. I also have my own special place for my encounters with God. Sometimes it helps me to imagine that I am sitting on the park bench with God. So, what does your face-to-face with God look like?

There is also this other part that Bryce mentioned: Obedience. Moses was also known for that. While the Israelites bowed before the golden calf, Moses bowed before God. Moses knew that a face-to-face with God goes hand in hand with reverence of God. God is the almighty God, and HE demands respect.

Here is the second question: What is your heart’s attitude towards God? Do you see God only as the person with you on the park bench?

Let’s try something: Think of your favorite US president, or First Lady – past or present. Think about what he/she is known for and why you like him/her. Now imagine you would be sitting on a park bench with him or her – the secret service to your right and left. And now think of the conversation as a casual talk between two friends. I bet you would still feel a big dose of respect and reverence.

God is more than a president or a first lady. God is GOD. I invite you to take some time now and get a face-to-face with God in. Then make it a habit to meet God face-to-face. He loves it and he deserves it.

Blessings to you, my friend,



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