The Exodus

The Exodus

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Discussion Prompts

Did you hear that? Several times Pastor Bryce said that Moses got face-to-face with God. This must have been so special. I mean, Moses was a murderer. And still, God is speaking with him as one would speak with a friend.

If only my conversation could be like that. I would love to look God in the eyes. I would love to just sit shoulder to shoulder with him and chat a little. – Have you ever felt that way?

You know, God is really talking to us. Here are a few hints on how that can become a livable reality for you:

  • For a few minutes think of what it would look like if you would actually be face-to-face with God? Could you look him in the eyes? What would you feel? Shame or thankfulness? Joy or anger?

Now read John 3:16 – don’t just recall it, go and actually read it! And now Romans 5:6-11. What do you think about your face-to-face with God now?

Out of that knowledge, answer the next questions:

  • What has God been telling you lately? In the last couple of days? Weeks? Months? What does HE want you to know or do? How would obeying in this matter actually, practically look like?

Ever had that headphone jack so oxidized and dirty that the connection was not good and the sound of the headphones sucked? Connecting with God when there is sin, can be just like that. Only if you clean the receptors will you have a clear connection and can actually hear what God is telling you.

OK here is one more, just for the fun of it:

  • Where do you pitch your Tent of Meeting?

We have heard that Moses had this fixed place, where he would go, to talk to God. What is your tent? The Backyard? The Truck? A park bench? Or is it actually a tent? Is it on a hill or along the riverbank? Think of a literal place that can turn into your “place where you meet God”.

There is so much blessing in meeting with God. I want to encourage you to think through these questions. Share some of your insight with your small group.

May God bless you as you get connected with him.



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