An Apology & A Clarification Letter

An Apology & A Clarification Letter

Dear MBIC Church Family,

I learned two things at the Donut Drive-up this past Sunday. One: We really like donuts! Two: We really love connecting! To be connected to one another as a community of believers is worth celebrating. I speak for myself and what I’ve heard from many of you, we are all looking forward to connecting more as a church family.

We released a video on Sunday attempting to outline our next steps toward regathering (see video). I need to first apologize, I was a bit nervous, the video got longer than intended, and definitely a bit muddy at the end. In an effort to complete the video on time, I failed to look it over carefully with the Leadership Board and staff. After release, it became apparent that the video update was less than clear. Please forgive me if this caused any frustration or concern. This has been a season of learning for me for sure.

So let’s try this again. This time I’m just going to use words that I’m typing. And this will represent fully where we are heading as a church.

We have set a date for in-person worship services to begin on June 14th. Our staff is working and planning diligently to finalize all the details to make this happen as smoothly and safely as possible.

This decision is one that we did not take lightly and has included much prayer, discernment, and collaboration of our leadership.  We have also been continuously monitoring COVID-19 numbers in our area to make the most responsible decisions possible. Thankfully, our county appears to be moving to yellow, and numbers may even suggest a move toward green in the near future. We believe that the current numbers support us regathering safely.

I want to thank everyone that is supporting the board, myself, and the staff. I am grateful for your patience as I get my footing here as the new Lead Pastor and apologize for any confusion.

How can you help? Please keep us all in your prayers as we plan. And, as we open further our doors as a church, if you are willing to help us by serving as a parking lot attendant, greeter, or cleaning between services on a Sunday morning, please contact Dustin Sauder,

We look forward to gathering with you.

Pastor Bryce