Deborah & Barak

Deborah & Barak

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Discussion Prompts

We are in another biblical story that is rated R for violence. The graphic depiction of Jael killing General Sisera is just brutal. But to be honest, the way the Israelites are treating God is just as brutal. Over and over God rescues them from their enemies. They all know the story of how God freed their forefathers from slavery. And yet, here they are again, forgetting God and indulging in sin.
But before we point fingers, I think we need to make an honest self-assessment of our lives as well. Isn’t it true that we are all too fast to forget what Jesus has done for us? Not necessarily all of it. We do recognize that he died for our sins and set us free. We know the GOSPEL – just like Pastor Corby explained it to us in the sermon.
But then we get sidetracked. Not forgetting everything about Christ. But we indulge in different activities that we know are not right with God. Gossip. Slander. Harshness. Outbursts of anger. Distrust. And so on. And we are indulging in worldly things that take up way too much time in our lives. For example, binge-watching TV shows. Hours of scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.
Corby said:
 “Slow obedience is no obedience”
Amplified, we could also say, partial obedience is no obedience.
Let’s take some of the questions he posed in the sermon and really lean into it. If you are in a group, share your struggles with sin and complacency. Then, hold each other accountable. Meaning, for at least one week, call each other up and ask how you are doing with that specific area that needs addressing.
Here are the questions:
    • Are there areas in your life in which you are not fully obeying God? What are they?
    • Are there areas in your life where you are waiting on God, even though you know exactly what you need to do? Areas where you are slow to obey, just like Barak?
    • Are there areas where you are waiting that God just “takes away that one sin”? Step up and take action!
    • What habits have you allowed in your life that – if unattended – will lead to sin, or steal time from your life that could be spent in a more godly way?
I like the way Corby puts it:
“We need to drive a tent peg into the area of our life and say “no more”.
As you address this issue in your life, help others in their battles, and encourage each other to keep on fighting for what is right. Extend grace, but fight fiercely alongside your brother or sister. And together we will win these battles.
God’s blessings as you enter into this time of self-examination,


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