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Study Guide:

Key Bible Passage: Judges 4

Our adventures with God continue. Pastor Dustin took us into A Time before there were Kings. Something that sounds like the introduction to a good epic movie, like Narnia or Lord of the Rings. And even though we learned about an ugly time of history, where war and death were common, we also learned about three different responses to any tough situation: Deborah’s response, Barak’s response, and Jael’s response.

Before we dive into these three responses, let’s ask ourselves the questions again that Dustin raised:

  • Looking at the repeated failure of the Israelites to obey God and ask yourself, what cycle of “being stupid” is on repeat in your life?
  • When the message is clear, like Deborah’s message to Barak, what step of faithfulness can you take right now? Or ask the other question: what is intimidating you but doesn’t intimidate God?

The answer to these questions will determine your response to the direction God gives on a daily basis. Our response to doing our job, our response to raising kids, our response to ministering to others, and maybe even to a clear, specific calling from God. Deborah called Barak to be a faithful leader. => What has God called you to be?

To help you work on the answers to this question, it might help to ask:

  1. Who has been a Deborah in your life? Someone who called you out, to do something for God? And what was it that God told you through that person?
  2. When has God called you to do that “something” and you were scared to do it solo, could that same person maybe be a source of encouragement to you, just like Deborah was to Barak?

These questions might seem to be only for some few specifically called individuals, like pastors and missionaries, but ponder if God isn’t calling you to step up your game to be someone specific?

This is already cool, but the story doesn’t end here. There is this third person: Jael. A woman who was not called by God, like Barak was. She was not God’s messenger like Debora was. But nevertheless, she was a person of importance in God’s story.

Jael used the tools and things that she had, to fulfill God’s plan. Now, I am pretty sure that God is not calling you to kill someone like Jael was designed to do. But it is intriguing that this nomad woman, who was used to putting up and tearing down tents, got a hold of what she was used to handling, and used it for God’s purpose.

Here is your final task for today: Name one or two things that are common to you and that you know how to use well. How can you use these things for God’s purpose and His glory?

Pastor Daniel

Through the Bible in one Year

Join us in reading through the entire Bible in one year. Each day of this plan guides you through passages from both the Old and New Testaments, allowing you to see connections between the history of our faith, and the fulfillment of God’s redemptive plan. Readings average four chapters in length, so it is posible to do. When you use the YouVersion Bible App, you can even have the app read the Bible text to you – very useful when you are in the car or otherwise occupied with your hand.

All you need to do is click the link to the Bible Plan, which should lead you straight to the Bible app. Your two options are now (1) to read the plan on your own, one day at the time. Or (2) you can make it more fun and rewarding, by sharing the plan with one or more friends, and then even “Talk about it”.



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