Desperate Times

Desperate Times

Worship through giving.

Will you partner with us as we respond to the critical needs of our community as we face this season together?

Discussion Prompts

We are in a new series. Exodus. Definitely different from Philippians. The one book is in the Old Testament, tho other in the New. The one author takes Jesus’ life here on earth into account, the other didn’t even know Jesus. Or did he? Hebrews 11: 26 tells us that Moses “thought it better to suffer for the sake of Christ than to own the treasures of Egypt”.

What is intriguing about both Philippians and Exodus, is that they both make a case for surrender to Jesus Christ. Not My will, but Yours. Is there a pattern?

Well, yes there is. What Paul tells us to do, Moses’ parents had to live. They had to trust that God would take care of their little boy. They had to trust God.

Trust – not always an easy thing to do. But, in time, it does get easier. Little by little, we learn to trust God more.

What are the experiences in your life that you learned that trusting God is worth it? Write down events in your life, where you placed your trust in God and were rewarded with an outcome that you see now as “worth it”. Even negative events can have a positive outcome (Rom 8:28). Write them down.
What is a specific area in your life, right now, that you know you need to surrender to God? Write this down as well. This time, write a letter to yourself. Put it in a sealed envelop and give it to a friend. Ask him or her to send it back to you, in a month or two.

Let God be the leader of your life. Learn to trust him with the little things in your life, and over time you will be able to trust him with the big things as well.

Blessings to you!



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