Not Quite God’s Way

Not Quite God’s Way

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Discussion Prompts

Frank Sinatra sings the famous song “I did it my way”. And while it is quite important that we learn to do it our way, a way that suits our own personality, It is crucial that we do it with God and according to his will. His timeline might look somewhat different than ours. His ways are different than ours. And we need to learn that.

Today’s prompts will hopefully challenge you to think in that direction.

  • Think of 5-10 of your day-to-day decisions. Write them down, sorted by importance, or severity of impact. Then go through the list from the least severe to the toughest one. Ask yourself for each one: What would it look like if you consulted with God first? Would you decide the same way?

The second prompt might be a little bit more specific. But ask yourself, is God nudging you to do something specific? Is he calling you towards a change in your life? Is he calling you to step up to the plate? Or to step down from a position? Take some time to think and pray about it. Maybe even a get-away to pray. I call these Focus Days because you focus on something specific. Let God lead you in your decision making.

One more thing: Moses didn’t do it alone. Yes, at first he tried to do it alone, but he failed. But he learned, and soon his father-in-law became his teacher. And then he did the ministry with Aaron and then with Joshua. Look for that mentor, or that brother, or that student, to accompany you in your life and ministry.

Blessings to you as you follow God’s lead!


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