Take Off Your Grave Clothes

Take Off Your Grave Clothes

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For Discussion

Easter is definitely a special time. But this year especially might have a unique taste to it. Imagine for a minute how odd it must have been for the people that witnessed the first Easter. Put yourself into their shoes for a minute. Jesus had just died and with him all hope for deliverance and a new, better future. And all of a sudden this strange news comes to you. 
What would your response have been to that news that “HE is not in the tomb”?
  1. Awe & Wonder
  2. Debate & Doubt
  3. Curiosity & Running towards
Each one of the responses are totally acceptable. But what distinguished the Jewish leaders from the disciples was, that the disciples embraced the truth. In your mind, stand in one of those responses for a minute and ponder the situation. Then ask yourself, what kind of an impact does embracing Jesus have for me today? Write down what comes to your mind. 
Did you start your relationship with Jesus today? Did you respond to Jesus with a resounding YES? Congratulations!!! There is a party in heaven -and in our hearts- right now for you.
We invite you now to take 3 important steps:
  1. Tell someone around you about your decision. Write. Text. Shout it out. Celebrate your decision!
  2. Tell us about it. We would love to send you a little note and some information that will help you in your next steps with Jesus. Contact us.
  3. Read the Bible. Download the YouVersion app. Then do the two following things:
Happy Easter everyone! The LORD has risen – HE has risen indeed!



    Jim & Jeanette Oberholtzer

    Thanks to everyone who was involved with the planning and production of our wonderful worship service on Easter Sunday. Yes, He is risen indeed!

    Tim and Johanna

    Thank you for providing such an uplifting sermon this morning. We were discussing the impact of today’s sermon and felt that your use of different settings for each of the response types brought so much more energy to the lesson than simply standing behind a pulpit. We so appreciate the creativity and ingenuity that you and the staff pour into these cyber-worship services.
    We look forward to rejoining our church family all under one roof, sooner than later. Be safe, stay healthy and be strong in a RISEN CHRIST

    Pastor Daniel

    Good morning,
    Christ is risen. HE is risen indeed. Happy Easter to every one. May God fill you with HIS unending love and joy this day and every day.

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