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Discussion Prompts

Pastor Bryce wrapped up our sermon series “My Anchor is…” today with a great reminder that our Anchor needs to be in Jesus Christ. King David gave testimony that in all he experienced and went through in his life, the one things that anchored him, and gave him hope and strength, was his relationship with God – that good Shepherd he learned to love and trust.

What you have experienced with God. What things has he taught you over the years? Where was he available when you needed him most? When did you look back and in hindsight realized that he was there all along, suffering with you and helping you up?

Let’s make this a task: Write down 5-10 things that God did in your life. Events that you experienced and realized that he was there. Or moments where you just leaned back in the realization that HE is carrying you through.

You might say now, “hey I don’t even know God yet.” Or “I just started this thing with God.” Let me start by saying that it is the best decision you could ever make in your life to follow Jesus and let him take the lead. He IS your anchor and WILL lead you. But as with any anchor, you need to deploy the anchor and trust in his strength.

Here is a task that might help you: Read through Psalm 23 again. Ask yourself these four (4) questions:

  1. In my day, where can I carve out some time where I can concentrate on him, and find rest and renew my strength?
  2. In my daily walk of life, how can I make sure that I am on HIS path? What does that mean for me, my personal life?

“God’s word is a lamp for my feet, and a light on my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

  1. Which are my dark moments? How can I set reminders that Jesus is with me?
  2. Who are my enemies? Who is God in comparison? Write that down.

From my own testimony, I can tell you that it is worth to stay close to God and be anchored in Him. We hope that these past weeks have helped you find your anchor and hope in Jesus. Maybe even re-anchor, after the anchor has slipped a little.

May God hold you close to his heart each and every day.



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