Living Well

Living Well

Worship through giving.

Will you partner with us as we respond to the critical needs of our community as we face this season together?

Discussion Prompts

In this week’s sermon, Pastor Bryce brings it all together. He is pointing to the anchor, the shepherd – the one place we find hope and peace. And this place, or let’s better say “person”, is Jesus Christ. 

In Jesus Christ, we find Hope because He had a bigger goal in mind that the immediate conflict of his time. Jesus was and is concerned about the sinful state of humankind, and He knew that only through His death on the cross would sin and death be defeated. So he went to the cross.

In Jesus, we find Peace because He had a larger picture of everything. Jesus knew that in a deep relationship with God, everyone can have that Anchor that can weather the storms of life. So He made a way to a renewed relationship with God.

But why then don’t I feel this Hope and Peace? – you may ask. Why is this world still so disturbed. Pastor Bryce points to three important relationships we have to pursue:

  1. Your Relationship with God
  2. Your Relationship with other Christians
  3. Your relationship with Non-Believers

As you look at these three relationships, let’s see how you can improve in each area. Do the following excessive:

Step 1: Evaluate the ways you build each Relationship

On a piece of paper write down how you practice each one of these relationships. Is your relationship with God nurtured through worship songs, Bible reading, or something else? In your relationship with other Christians, are you more an encourager or a challenger? How do you reach out to the non-believer in your neighborhood?

Step 2: Share your steps with a Friends or Family Member

With the people in your room, or over the phone with a friend, share on how you actively work on your relationship with God, with other believers, and with non-believers. As you share, ask for feedback to see what the other person suggests you change to make your relationship-building better.

Step 3: Make changes in your approach

As you listen to the feedback, take notes on how you can improve your approach to relationship building. Make it a point to set one action step in improving your relationship with God, one in improving with a fellow Christian, and one in reaching out to a non-believer.

We can always learn from others, and just in case you didn’t realize it, in sharing with your family member or friend, you improved your relationship with them. Feel free to share some practical steps with us in the comments or on social media. We would love to hear from you and learn from you on how you improve relationships.

Have a blessed day!


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