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Discussion Prompts

One of the big themes in today’s sermon is REJECTION. Israel rejected God – again. Jephthah was rejected by his family. And, towards the end, Jephthah rejects the Grace of God. Well, at least he rejected the idea that all he had to do to please God, was obey His command and fight the Ammonites.
There are three ways how we can reject or be rejected:
  1. Reject God and his ways.
  2. Reject people for not thinking/living like us.
  3. Rejecting God’s Grace.
The first two forms of rejection are actually all too common in our lives. And even though we don’t really call it “rejection” -this would be very harsh- to be honest, it is very easy to slip into it. Pastor Bryce gave us two examples:
  1. Sacrificing is worship. And we are for example willing to sacrifice lifestyle or family for our career.
  2. Looking down on people who are annoying, too loud, too far left or right, or wear masks, is also rejection.
As a discussion prompt, here is are two exercises:
First, in a dictionary (or Google) look up what use the word “sacrifice” has in our modern-day times (i.e. sacrifice…for career). Try to find at least 10 examples. Is the Holy Spirit actually pointing out something that you sacrifice/worship?

Secondly, looking at the year 2020 -news, hearsay in the community, church,…- where are people being looked down on, made fun of, or gossiped about? Where are you guilty of that form of rejection? WRITE DOWN the things you are guilty of, the things you feel bad about in this exercise.

Now comes the third form of rejection: Rejecting God’s Grace.

TAKE A RED PEN. Red for “wrong”, like the wrong answer in an exam. Go through your list of sins, draw a big, red line through them. Now think of red as the blood of Christ. Write beside each wrong the words “Paid in full, by Christ.” No need to do anything else.

Do you realize, and recognize, that you don’t have to go on a guilt trip for the above-mentioned sins? All God wants of you is admit your shortcomings, repent and from now on, not reject God and people anymore. Looking back on your list, you will see now what it is like to experience God’s Grace. Sin is crossed out. And even though it was wrong, it does not weigh anything anymore. It is paid in full.

Go back to Google or YouTube and look up “Amazing Grace”. Listen to it, and instead of God’s rejection feel His big embrace.

May God bless you today with His Grace.




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