Philippians Two

Philippians Two

Worship through giving.

Will you partner with us as we respond to the critical needs of our community as we face this season together?

Discussion Prompts

What is the most important job in the pool or the beach?
A Lifeguard!
They sit on the lifeguard stand, hold the whistle and flotation device. They hold power when they blow the whistle and instruct swimmers to move or stop doing things. They are on call at any moment to jump in the water the help! It seems like a pretty glamorous job. As a lifeguard you get glory and recognition, young kids look up to you with awe and wonder, maybe teen boys or girls crush on you, the hot lifeguard with the great suntan.
However, the lifeguard is also the one who cleans up vomit from the pool deck after a child has eaten too much pizza and throws up. The lifeguard also takes out the trash and cleans the toilets at the end of the day. The lifeguard is the first to jump in the pool and help someone who is struggling to swim. The lifeguard has to do many tasks that seem beneath them and their important role.
Being a lifeguard requires humility! They need to roll up their sleeves, forget about the glory and take care of the needs of others.
Two questions for you to ponder this week:
  1. How can you be more like a lifeguard this week? What opportunities do you have where you can roll up your sleeves and put the interests of others before your own?
  2. On a larger scale, Jesus gave up the glory of heaven and humbly served us by dying on the cross. What is one glorious thing (something special to you) that you can give up this week? One thing that frees you up to serve others?
As an extra challenge this week, if you have not done so already, memorize Philippians 2:5-11.
Blessings to you all,



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