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Discussion Prompts

Pastor Corby’s sermon took us on the journey of getting to know John the Baptist. While he was Jesus’s cousin, he was much more than just that. John was called the Messenger that prepared the way for THE ONE – Jesus.

Messenger is a label that John wore with dedication. Corby told us about his labels: Son, husband, father, christian, follower of Christ, youth pastor, runner, and marathoner. And everyone who knows Corby knows that he also loves to bear the label messenger of God’s grace.

Here is your first task:

  • What labels do you have? And as you look through your labels, does messenger make the list?

To be honest, we are called to be messenger of God. And as much as this means talking about God, the apostle Peter makes it more specific when he said that “we should always be ready to give reason of our HOPE” (1 Peter 3:15).

  • What is your hope grounded in? In times like these what do you hope for? Is it Jesus?
  • If your hope is really grounded in Jesus Christ, how does that effect your day to day life?

Here is a second task: think about, talk about, or even write down, what your response would be if a non-christian friend would come to ask you the following question:

  • Why are you so calm and grounded? In times like these, what does that really mean to you when you say that Christ is your hope?
    I hope you are grounded in HIM. If not, don’t hesitate to reach out to a pastor or a Christian friend who seems to have this firm foundation in Jesus Christ. There is a Hope and strength in the relationship with HIM.

May God bless you with his Hope.




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