Sacrifice and Leadership

Sacrifice and Leadership

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Hey everyone,

Working for God does not always guarantee smooth sailing. In today’s sermon, Pastor Bryce has taken us along into the tough times Nehemiah was facing while working on God’s project. We need to strategically be prepared to respond to any opposition that may arise. Today’s discussion prompts will help you to stay focused, just like Nehemiah stayed on task. In order to do so, you need to walk through the three steps mentioned below:

  1. What is it that God has put on your heart to do? Your specific task you need to focus on.

This task can mean that you will be leading your own project as Nehemiah did. But it could also be fully supporting another leader’s project, like Nehemiah’s fellow citizens did. If necessary, go back to the sermon notes from September 5th and work on defining your project, the one assignment that God has given you!

  1. What are the things that distract you from staying on task? 
Circle the distractions that are your pitfalls. Add the ones that you are aware of but are not listed.
Emotional distractions: Fear, worry, past hurts, shame, guilt, self-imagine, intimidation, pride.
Social distractions: Social Media, parties, sports events, TV shows, community projects.

Practical distractions: Physical limitation, location, workload, being busy, transportation, money.

Other distractions: _______________________________________________________________________

  1. What strategic defenses are you putting in place to keep you focused on God’s project? 

As a first response, we need to run to God. That’s what Nehemiah did (Neh. 2:4-5; 4:4,9). But then we also need to set up our defenses. In the story of Nehemiah, we can see two key responses

  1. Nehemiah resolved not to let his guard down and stay focused.
  2. Nehemiah serves alongside others, seating a band of brothers.

As you are connecting with God, here are two questions to ponder in response to the enemy’s attack:

  • What is your resolution statement? What sentence could you write on a piece of paper that says “I will not…” or “Every time a distraction or a threat comes around, I will….”
  • Who is my band of brothers that I am fighting with? Who is the group that might even be expecting me to take the lead defending God’s work? If you can’t think of a good team, start building one.
In this world and time, we will find opposition, especially when it comes to building God’s kingdom. Be aware. Be prepared. And be connected with God. But always BE INTENTIONAL.

Pastor Daniel

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