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Discussion Prompts

There are twelve judges mentioned in the Bible. Every one them with a different background, but the recurring theme remains the same:
Israel is led by a judge – The judge dies – Israel gets complacent and forgets about God – God gives them into enemies hands – Israel cries out to God – And God delivers them through a judge.
Every time the same old pattern. You would think that at some point they should have learned their lesson. But no, it gets worse with every single Judge. Then comes Samson. God chooses him even before the Israelites cry out. Samson is the born deliverer – literally. But, then he turns out to be one of the more rebellious ones amongst all the judges.
Before you judge him or read further now, I want to challenge you:
Which one of the judges would you more likely turn out to be? What is your faulty excuse for not addressing sin in your life?
  • Like Barak, who is called to fight the enemy, but doesn’t do it unless another seemingly more godly person is present?
  • Gideon, who procrastinates doing something, even though he knows exactly what he is supposed to do?
  • Or Samson, who is so cocky that he toys with the enemy (sin), only to discover that he gets burned, badly?
All of these Judges end up being used by God, but each one of them fails to address the issue and God has to step in. Where do you fail to do something against your sinful pattern, but procrastinate, are afraid, or are way too cocky and even toy with sin?
The good news is that God steps in. Just like he did with the judges, he sends the born deliverer, Jesus. He died not just to deliver us from sin, but to give us His Spirit, in order for us to be victorious over sin. One thing that almost all the judges have in common is that they asked for help. From God, or from a Godly person. The battle is only won when God takes part in the solution.
With this next exercise, I ask you to invite God into the solution. If you do it in a group, confessing to each other and asking each other for support, or if you do it by yourself, I encourage you to think about this:
  • What holds you back from doing God’s Will? From addressing a hurtful, sinful pattern in your life? Fear? Reputation? Procrastination? Being cocky?
  • How can you make sure that you set yourself up for success, by inviting God into the battle?
Isaiah lets us know:
Even young people tire and drop out, young folk in their prime stumble and fall. But those who trust in GOD get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles, they run and don’t get tired, they walk and don’t lag behind. (Is. 40:30-31)
Blessings to all,


Gideon's Army


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