Healthy Conflict

Healthy Conflict

Group Discussion & Life Challenge

Use these notes as discussion prompts for your group, or in your personal time with God.


Get to know each other. Connect, warm up to each other, fellowship.


Carry each other’s burdens. Share life’s challenges and practice Soul Care. Pray together.


1. Spend a moment to think of a time you apologized, or were apologized to and the freedom and healing it brought? So often we can focus on what negative experiences, but how has confrontation been done in a healing way in your life?

2. If you reflect back on past confrontations, was restoration the goal? How does having restoration change how you go about having a conversation?

3. Read Matthew 18 as a group, just like the Brethren in Christ would do traditionally before a love feast. Commit as a group to practice the principles in there, to make sure there is truth spoken, reconciliation made where necessary, so grace may abound.

4. What have I been stuffing that God is prompting me to bring to the light?

5. Who have I been avoiding having a hard conversation with? Will you commit to bringing that before God in prayer. I already know what He’s going to tell you to do, but will you start praying about it?

6. Am I helping those around me pursue healthy confrontations? If a person comes to me instead of the person they should be going to, am I redirecting them right away? Am I offering to go with them? Am I helping form straight lines instead of triangles?


Does anyone need clarity on something? Are there any big God questions you are wrestling with?

Celebrate life’s successes and God’s provision. Worship God’s presence. Time to brag about God.

Through the Bible in one Year

Join us in reading through the entire Bible in one year. Each day of this plan guides you through passages from both the Old and New Testaments, allowing you to see connections between the history of our faith, and the fulfillment of God’s redemptive plan. Readings average four chapters in length, so it is posible to do. When you use the YouVersion Bible App, you can even have the app read the Bible text to you – very useful when you are in the car or otherwise occupied with your hand.

All you need to do is click the link to the Bible Plan, which should lead you straight to the Bible app. Your two options are now (1) to read the plan on your own, one day at the time. Or (2) you can make it more fun and rewarding, by sharing the plan with one or more friends, and then even “Talk about it”.


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