Thank You Jesus – Week 3

Thank You Jesus – Week 3

Study Guide:

Thank. You, Jesus. This week’s sermon is all about being thankful for Jesus’ victories. We can see that Pastor Bryce focused on three main victories of Jesus: (1) Christ’s victory on the cross, (2) His victories in our current life, and (3) the victorious future we have in Jesus Christ. But before we look at each one of those victories a little closer, let’s do an honesty check. Be honest: How many times is “victory” not what comes to our mind when we do life? As Pastor Bryce pointed out, as the pressure of life goes up, our old, and ugly self comes out. Or, we get careless in our pursuit to be Christ-like and we hurt people. – These are definitely not a victory.

So let’s look at that dilemma first: Write down occasions in which you felt defeated. When did carelessness overcome you? When did the pressure of society, peers, or just the stress of life wear you down and you reacted in a way you shouldn’t have? Take a moment of honesty. Write down 2-3 of these embarrassing moments. Pray Psalm 139:23-24.

Now let’s turn the corner. Let’s focus on Jesus’ Victories!

1.  Focus for a moment on the victory Jesus had on the cross. What comes to your mind when you look at His amazing victory? How does that victory compare to the embarrassing moment you just jotted down above? What feelings fill your heart when you compare Jesus’ victory over death, with the offense you have committed. Share your thoughts and feelings with your group.

2.  Jesus’ victory on the cross is not the only thing He has orchestrated. Use the next couple of minutes to write down the victories you experienced. Moments where Jesus came out strong. After you have written down 3-4 of these victories, share one with your group. Tell your own victory story with Jesus.

3.  One other thing that Pastor Bryce pointed out was Paul’s single-mindedness. Paul’s focus was Jesus, but the price was to be with Jesus – forever! Paul knew that the ultimate victory is the victorious life we will experience when we are in God’s presence. Take a minute to describe heaven. Write down what you think, heaven will be like. Put one or two Bible verses with your notes.

There is much reason for being thankful. But it ultimately boils down to the victory we have in Christ. His victory on the cross made victories in this life for us possible, and an upcoming victorious life in heaven

Pastor Daniel

Through the Bible in one Year

Join us in reading through the entire Bible in one year. Each day of this plan guides you through passages from both the Old and New Testaments, allowing you to see connections between the history of our faith, and the fulfillment of God’s redemptive plan. Readings average four chapters in length, so it is posible to do. When you use the YouVersion Bible App, you can even have the app read the Bible text to you – very useful when you are in the car or otherwise occupied with your hand.

All you need to do is click the link to the Bible Plan, which should lead you straight to the Bible app. Your two options are now (1) to read the plan on your own, one day at the time. Or (2) you can make it more fun and rewarding, by sharing the plan with one or more friends, and then even “Talk about it”.


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